8 Sexy Blonde Haircuts And Top Model Haircuts In 2018

Women with long hair have a full range of choices when it comes to hairdos. The amount of hair they have on their head allows them to come up with some fantastic haircuts. The secret is to come up with a sexy haircut that will turn the heads of both men and women. So, if you want dark, brown and blonde sexy haircuts and top model haircuts, then you found the right place.

Hairstyles you will read about in this post are all about bringing out the natural features of your hair and making it as sexy as it can get. Do check whether a haircut will complement your face before you decide for one or another.

Top four model haircuts and trendy, sexy blonde, brown and dark haircuts

  1. Women with dense hair can make use of the half-inch curling iron to bring out the natural volume of their hair. The secret of sexy, voluminous waves is to shake the ends when the hair cools down to give it a bit more volume. This will only work if you have a hair that is naturally voluminous. If your hair doesn’t have a natural volume, then this style won’t work on you at all
  2. Rihanna rocks a pretty interesting take on the fauxhawk style. Straight the hair out as much as it is possible and use mousse to slick the sides. This is a pretty subjective hairstyle that works well on some women while it doesn’t work at all on others.
  3. Awkwafina is one of the celebrities that pursue the natural hairdo that complements the inherent strengths of the hair. It’s important to note that this only works on extremely straight hair that needs just a bit of ironing to preserve its straightness.
  4. Bold colors along with pigtails are trendy in 2018. The goal is to choose a color that will accentuate features of your face rather than drawing attention away from it. This works best with straight hair so you will need a bit of ironing to keep the hair as straight as it is possible.

Another 4 sexy women hairstyles

  1. Power-up tail is a modern take on the pigtail. Everything is same as the classic pigtail except the tail as it takes on a voluminous look with the help of the boar bristle brush.
  2. A folded bun you can see on Christina Aguilera is easy to do, and it makes a bun look very sexy. It’s also easy to do as you have to straighten your hair out, fold it once and let the remaining hair stick out naturally.
  3. Low pony braid is a new take on the ‘90s braid. If you want to see how it looks then look at Zendaya as she executed it perfectly.
  4. The ultimate ponytail requires loose waves of hair and a few different shades that make it look unbelievable. The best example of this can be found on Dakota Johnson’s head.