Best 15 Haircuts For Young Girls

Looks are critical for teens because they want to show their best side to everyone else. This is especially true for those that are starting to visit clubs. The whole haircutting industry knows this which is why you can see a lot of commercial for products that are aimed at teens. Many celebrities also set trends when it comes to haircuts for young girls. Here are fifteen hairstyles that are perfect for teens.

15 haircuts for young girls every girl should know about

1. Big voluminous curls are quite popular among girls with hair that is naturally curly. Zendaya Coleman showcases this style and proves how elegant and sexy it can be.
2. Girls that are into quirky hairstyles can try a curled and tousled short bob that has uneven edges all around the head.
3. Another quirky hairstyle includes messy curls that come with edgy bangs. This hairstyle represents organized chaos where the hair goes everywhere, but it still looks great.
4. Simple braids tend to get annoying and young girls to avoid them. However, a small and straightforward twist that is accompanied with thick and wild bangs is something that is popular at the moment.

5. Emma Watson is popular for many things, one of them being her hairstyle, the straight bob. This is an elegant hairstyle that oozes with confidence.
6. Emma Watson is also known for her round bob that has thin edges. This style is great for girls that don’t want elaborate haircuts that need a lot of maintenance.
7. Medium length wavy haircut is excellent for girls with straight hair who want some change. It doesn’t take a lot to make it, and it is quite elegant.
8. Kirsten Stewart is one of the celebrities that show that any girl can look good with a boyish-looking bob. The secret is in bangs that are flipped back.
9. Another teen short bob that works well for any girl is the ruffled banged pixie style. The gel keeps the hair up and prevents any damage to the hairstyle.
10. Girls that like to experiment can try the pixie look with wavy bangs that are dyed in orange. This, coupled with messy edges creates a sexy look every girl should try at least once.
11. The fiery red color along with messy flair and loose waves is something that works well for teens.

12. Girls with extremely straight hair can try the neat bob where the medium to short length hair is tucked back behind ears.
13. Girls that want shine in their hair can try a shiny bob with tousled hair. Small waves are there to finish off the look.
14. Chopped blonde steppes are a hairstyle that is all about pure blonde hair and uneven curls that start at the ear height.
15. Short layered shaggy bob is all about placing the focus on several layers on highly voluminous hair. The first layer is long and straight, while the second one is shorter and cuts over the first one.