Creative Haircuts You Can Do In Five Minutes

The best way to showcase your creativity is to do something intricate with your hair. This, however, requires a lot of time and dedication, something you don’t have every time you want to go out. This is why it’s so important to know how to come up with creative haircuts in five minutes or less. The knowledge of how to do them will save you on a lot of occasions where you won’t have an hour or so to play with your hair.

Top five creative haircuts for long hair

1. Everyone can make a ponytail and look good with it. However, you can go a step further and divide your hair in two, create a knot and let the hair down as in a standard ponytail. This will look better than it usually does and you can do in a matter of a minute or two.
2. If you know how to make a braid, then you can experiment with your hairstyle. One of the quick and beautiful haircuts is a milkmaid braid where you create two small side braids and loop them over the head. Two small bobby pins are there to hold them in place.
3. Tie-back is another quick and exciting haircut you must try. You have to take the hair from the bangs, twist it gently and pull it back where you will pin it with a bobby pin. DO the same with the other half of the bangs from the other side.

4. Every girl knows how to make a bun in a matter of seconds, rather than minutes. You can take your bun on a whole new level by leaving out some of the hair from the back. Split that hair in two and loop it around the bun from both sides. Use bobby pins to keep it in place.
5. Girls with straight hair can try the four-part side pony. It’s easy to do as you only have to make four ponytails and connect them to one on the side. Practice this hairstyle to learn how to make it in five minutes.

Other excellent five-minute haircuts for long hair

– Those that know how to work with hair can braid a ponytail and make a bun out of it.
– An advanced braided ponytail bun includes side hair that is looped back under the said bun.
– A messy ponytail is all about creating a ponytail by dividing hair into multiple groups. This is great if you have two or more shades of color in your hair.
– The low knot is a fast and easy way to create a haircut that hides the length of the hair and shows off the neck area.

haircuts 2
– Twist several sections of bangs and pull them back diagonally and hold them with a bobby pin for the quick and innovative hairstyle.
– Make two pigtails where one has hair that runs over the hair that goes into another for a sexy twin ponytails haircut.
– What half pull up is a fast way to create elaborate hairstyle. Take the hair from front part of the head and pin it back over the rest of it.