Hottest Fresh Cut Hairstyle Trends That Marked 2018

2018 was an excellent year for new hairstyles as it brought exciting innovations into this market. Several notable trends marked this year where the focus was on the fresh cut hairstyle rather than overcomplicating simple things. It’s safe to say that this year was all about the natural features of the hair and ways on how to accentuate them.

Putting a focus on the natural beauty of the hair can sometimes be hard, as some women aren’t so keen on their natural look. 2018 trends looked into this with an effort to make natural IN again. And, many of the patterns that ruled this year managed to place a focus on keeping the hairstyle as predictable as it is possible.

Fresh cut hairstyle trends of 2018

Trends in 2018 moved away from over complication of the hairstyle and the use of various products to make the hair different than it should look natural. The focus on natural look had a strong influence on all trends that were popular. You can also see this in the way celebrities approached their haircuts, as they tried to look as natural as it was possible.


The attention was set on the volume of the hair, among other things. Volume was always significant, but this year went over teasing combs and blowouts and straight to thick tresses. Women who are blessed with hair that is naturally voluminous don’t have to do much to bring their hair to where they want. On the other hand, ladies that didn’t have luck like that can use products that will improve the volume of their hair.

Ponytails made a big comeback in 2018.

This type of hairstyle fell into the background for several years, but it made a bit comeback this year. The classic ponytail was just one of the variations of this haircut that was quite common this year. Many ladies experimented with this classic variation and came up with exciting ideas on how to improve it.

Other hairstyle trends this year

2018 was, and still is all about loose hair, loose waves especially. The era of polished curls ended with the start of this year as they don’t look natural. Lose waves are easy to pull off, and they look natural. The length of the hair doesn’t play a role as both long and medium hair can look excellent with loose waves.


Ponytails with loose waves are also something that is quite popular this year.Short-haired women had a lot of choices when it comes to hairstyle in 2018. One of the more popular hairstyles was the chin-grazing bob that worked well on girls who had straight hair. The goal was to keep the hair at chin level without letting any locks go over.

Punk rock influence was notable on short-haired styles as it allowed women to do a lot with the small amount of hair. Many of those punk-inspired haircuts need only a bit of gel and some creativity to work well. Coloring the hair in vivid colors is an option, but it isn’t mandatory to get a perfect short haircut.