The Popularity Of The Women Flat Top Haircut

Women flat top haircut had a lousy reputation as everyone considered that only military women and those that come out of jail wear it. This type of thinking is still present, even though many women try to debunk it and show how good this hairstyle can look. The most significant impact this style had is thanks to the punk and rock scene where it gained popularity in the last several years.

Vivid colors and different variations of the flat top brought interesting in this style from women that aren’t the part of the rock and punk scene. Celebrities also helped its popularization as they showed this haircut to the masses. They proved that flat top haircut doesn’t make you look like you just came out of the jail.

Different styles of women flat top haircut

Almost everyone hates a standard flat top because it doesn’t have any exciting features that would set it apart from former prisoners and military personnel. You can find over a dozen different iterations of the flat top when it comes to men. But, people forget that many of those styles work well on women as well.

Top Haircut

The curly flat top is one of those hairstyles that don’t work too well on men. Many think that it does, but the reality is different. However, this style is perfect for women that have curly hair, and they don’t want to let it grow long. It’s an ideal haircut for summer months. Adding a vivid color to this type of the style lifts it to another dimension.

The classic flat top with an inch or two of hair at the top can look excellent as long as you have hair for it. This will work for those that have dense hair that will stand up and retain its shape. The trick is in creating a rectangular shape on the head and maintaining it without any loose hairs sticking out. Adding some simple colors can help a lot. However, vivid shades don’t work too well with this style.

Styling flat top haircuts for women

One of the primary reasons that people hate flat tops is the maintenance of the same. This hairstyle, just like any other, requires regular maintenance. It’s quite easy to maintain flat top if you compare it with different more complex haircuts. The only thing you need to keep the flat top shape is some gel, or hairspray that holds the hair still.

Now, if you choose to get some intricate shapes along with the flat top, then you will need to pay attention to them as well. One example of this is telling the barber to create lines on sides of the head. Those lines can be there just for show, or they can represent something. Maintenance of these lines is hard as hair grows fast and you will have to spend a lot of money to keep those lines clear from any hair. Coloring the flat top also requires additional expenses as the difference in color will appear in a matter of a week or two.