The Most Powerful Hairstyles For Women In 2018

A hairstyle is another way to tell the world who you are. Some people choose it randomly while others take some time because they know that a good haircut means a lot in this day and age. Powerful hairstyles are especially crucial for women as they can make or break their image. This is why all famous women try to keep up with trends and set new ones when it comes to hairstyles. They know how a good haircut can change the way people see them.

You also have to remember that copying a trendy hairstyle won’t make you look good in an instant.

Many women forget that hairdos only work if they complement the shape of the head and the features of a face. A haircut you like because it looks good on someone else doesn’t mean that it will look good on you. That isn’t true as that person probably sat down and thought a lot before they choose what to do with their hair.

What are powerful hairstyles trendy at the moment?

You will have to do some research before you choose a hairstyle that will showcase you to everyone else. Looking at trends is an excellent way to get a perspective on what is hot at the moment, and what isn’t. Find something you like and then check whether it will work with the shape of your head, the style, density and other features of your hair. You should also check whether a hairdo will complement your face.


Now, there are always some styles that grab the attention of everyone. Some of them are entirely new creations that come out of nowhere, while others are more of a modern twist on old-school creations. One of such examples is the “Updated Shag.” This is a bit of a modern twist on the 70s style. Anna Faris is one of the famous people that excellently carry this hairdo. It’s quite simple as the difference between the old, and the new is the amount of hair that goes on the side.

Popular hairstyles you might want to check

Rihanna is one of the stars that carry old-school hairstyles in a modern way. Her version of the ‘60s flip is a trend that many are picking up at the moment. Straightening the hair is the first step to achieve this haircut. The second step is to curl the ends and create a split that starts at a third of the head. The strong-hold spray is a must to create a successful ‘60s flip.


Women with short hair should look up the new Katy Perry spiky pixie hair if they want something new. This punk-looking style requires nothing more than a bit of a hair gel and some attention to detail. The goal is to work on different segments of the hair and entwine them in a way that creates organized chaos on the head. The spiky look comes from hair standing in different directions.